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Tell the truth . . . I'll know if you're lying

Does everyone watch more cartoons as a parent than they did as I child . . . or is that just me?

I have this rule, and for the most part we stick to it: no television on the weekdays. Now between homework, after school activities most days (cheerleading, tumbling, basketball for my oldest, soccer for my youngest, the occasional choir rehearsal, and soon swimming and piano lessons), them hanging out with me while I'm at work, their daily chores, and bedtime routines, there's really not much time for tv. Now, of course there is the occasional off-day where there are no practices, they finish their chores and homework early, and I get off work early so I let them watch an episode or two.

But Fridays and Saturdays are pretty much a free for all. I used to let them go to their rooms, play and/or watch TV while I caught up on my cleaning and laundry—the things I, shamefully, neglect most weekdays. After a while, I started noticing the girls’ attitudes and the way they spoke to each other change (not in a good way). I knew that no one in our family talked like that, so I chalked it up to what they were hearing in school. I talked to them about it, and we moved on.

One day, hair day, they turned on Netflix. Let me give you a little history of hair day. Every two weeks—depending on what hairstyle I've done in their hair—I use Friday and Saturday to redo their hair. Friday is spent taking the braids out, deep conditioning their hair, shampooing it, and twisting it in sections in preparation for Saturday. Saturday I braid it back up. When they were babies, I learned that they sat still longest with the television on, so it became apart of our ritual.

On this particular hair day, they popped on Netflix for kids, clicked on some show, and after ten minutes of the show playing I just about fell out. The way those necks rolled, those fingers snapped, and the slick words of hot attitudes slid out of the mouths of these female characters. . . I was shocked speechless. I’d found the culprit!

I recovered quickly enough, and told them to find something new and erase the existence of that show from their memories. Of course they complained, “But Mommy, it’s a cartoon!” And bam. For the millionth time in their short little lives, they’d used my words against me. In the past my rule of thumb had been if there are humans in it or if the show has the logo Cartoon Network or adult swim on it, it’s not for them. But at that moment I realized my rule needed to be a lot more specific.

The creatures of these inappropriate shows they claim are for kids are some slick little gremlins! It’s the conspiracy theory as old as time: people trying to brainwash kids through TV shows. I didn’t necessarily believe it—and I still feel like the term brainwash is a bit extreme—until I watched that show and recognized some of the phrases my girls had said to each other. It just blows my mind that they have these cute little characters saying such ridiculous things. I mean, what’s safe anymore? WHAT’S SAFE?

Sorry, that little tangent was only supposed to be a segue into the point of this post. So, after that little incident, we went on the search for age appropriate shows (because they let me know very quickly that they were too old for the shows they used to watch like Caillou and Sesame Street). And we did it, we found a few Netflix originals: Spirit the series, Troll Hunters, Boss Baby series, and How to Train your Dragon the series, and Ladybug and Cat Noir. Let me tell you all, these shows are GOOD! Like I got hooked!

They’re so good that I would be upset with the girls if I found out they’d watched episodes without me, but in all actuality I was the one watching the episodes without them, (if you tell them, I will deny it). We’ve seen every episode of each series, and we are not-so-patiently waiting for new ones.

My favorite series was How to Train Your Dragon! So much so that I almost cried when I found out there was not one movie but TWO movies out! And I DID shed a few tears of excitement when I saw the trailer for the third movie coming out next month—for anyone who cares. Unfortunately, they ended that show right where the second movie started, and Netflix said they weren’t making a new season. But I really hope they create a show that starts right where the second movie ends and ends where the third movie will begin—that is if the third movie starts years after the second movie.

I put that little nugget out there for any of my readers who might have an “IN” with someone at Netflix. Tell them I said, “Please bring back this show!!!” And while I’m at it, I think it makes sense to add that Netflix should create a Percy Jackson animated series (in the same animation as HTTYD) based off of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan. It was an amazing series, along with The Heroes of Olympia (the only two series I’ve read so far), and it’s definitely something everyone should read!

But back to the show, there is some really good fan art on the internet that I think should be used . . . You know what, whoever my Netflix person is, I feel like I should be apart of that pitch meeting. I know exactly how this show should be made; trust me, I’m good at this sort of thing. So if you can just send me an email, we can get this show made! Thanks :)

Anyway, I can’t be the only one who thinks their kid’s shows are actually really good, right? I mean if you say I am, that’s completely fine, because I’ll know you’re lying. For those of you who agree with me, let me know of some other shows that are worth checking out!

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